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We use various techniques to illuminate our customers' homes.

Outdoor Lighting Services in the Murray, Mayfield, & Benton, KY Areas.

We highlight the focal points of your landscape with professional outdoor lighting that uses such techniques as cross lighting, uplighting, step lighting, and more.

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We provide professional outdoor lighting installation to customers in Murray, Mayfield, and surrounding areas like Benton, KY.

Our professionals will illuminate your walkways, patios, and other focal points outside of your home.

A number of our customers in Murray have hired us to provide outdoor lighting for their landscape beds.

Many homeowners who take pride in their landscaping have called on us to provide a soothing glow to their yards and add depth to their property after dark. Illuminating walkways and patios can also increase security around your property.

At Phillips Bros Lawn Care, we are eager to help you highlight the outside focal points of your home with professional outdoor lighting installation in Murray, Mayfield, Benton, and nearby communities in KY. 

Installation Details & How We Light Your Property

Our quality lighting products seamlessly fit in with your landscape! All cables and electronic components are hidden from view, leaving only the lighting units visible. We cleverly install the equipment on your property to avoid any eyesores.

We light up many elements surrounding your home and property, including:

  • Trees/Plants
  • Focal Points
  • Pathways/Walkways
  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Other Landscape Elements

When the sun sets, your new equipment will automatically turn on. You won’t have to remember to flip a single switch--the built-in sensors do all the work! 

Outdoor Lighting Techniques Include Accent Lighting, Downlighting, & More

Uplighting is a technique that we used on the stone wall of this customer in Mayfield.

The process involves more than just pointing a light at a bush or tree. There is an art to properly lighting your property with appropriate spacing and accents. Our professionals have the experience and durable gear to add a special touch to your yard. Whether you choose to accent the facade of your home or give pathways and walkways a blast of warm light--we’ve got you covered!

Lighting techniques we use include:

  • Accent Lighting - highlights front entrance, landscapes, and features of your home structure
  • Downlighting/Step Lighting - illuminates steps, patios, walkways and more with downward facing lights
  • Uplighting - sends warm, powerful light upward for large trees, trunks, and branches
  • Cross Lighting - precisely aimed lighting to show texture and accent focal elements
  • Additional Lighting - we can install a wide variety of lighting displays and methods across your property 

We Use Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting Products for Landscape & Architectural Lighting

We use an industry-leading brand to light-up your home: Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting. They are a leading innovator in landscape and architectural lighting, with many products that provide breathtaking displays with power and precision. Their modern looking units will not turn into an eyesore when the sun rises and are designed to last and withstand the weather year round.

Many household bulbs have been replaced by LED lighting because they can last for years without needing replacement. There is a distinct visual difference between LED and regular incandescent lighting. They create a sharper, more defined shine that serves outdoor areas with a cleaner look. They also produce less heat and use less energy, which will lead to long-term savings on your electric bill!

When used for 12 hours a day, standard LED lighting can last up to 11 years. 

Call for a consultation on illuminating your landscape elements with outdoor lighting.

At Phillips Bros Lawn Care, we have the tools, equipment, and know-how to illuminate your property's plants, trees, and landscape elements with quality outdoor lighting. Call (270) 492-8144 today to begin planning and consulting with us in Murray, Mayfield, and Benton, KY.

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