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Brush hogging is necessary to do with large properties that also has tall grass or other vegetation.

Brush Hogging in the Murray, Mayfield, & Benton, KY Areas.

Our brush hogging services for commercial properties will clear your industrial land plot, large field, and more using specially designed and rugged equipment.

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Get rid of overgrown grass and small plants on your commercial property with brush hogging in the surrounding areas of Murray, Mayfield, and Benton, KY.

We do bush hog mowing for commercial properties to keep vegetation from growing out of control.

This Murray property has significant overgrowth.

For those tough commercial properties where a normal mower just will not do, bush hog mowing is necessary to ensure the land is handled properly and vegetation does not grow out of control. At Phillips Bros Lawn Care, we offer brush hogging services for your commercial property to easily and quickly get rid of overgrown grass and small vegetation.

Our services can be found throughout the area, including the communities of Murray, Mayfield, and Benton, KY.

What Is Brush Clearing

Brush clearing is the task of using an oversized mower, or in our case, a mower with an oversized attachment, that is designed to cut through large, overgrown areas of land efficiently. This oversized mower is usually pulled behind a tractor or other similarly capable vehicle.

Bush hogging mowers come in a variety of sizes. Smaller mowers may be as small as 3 and a half feet in width, while the larger mowers can reach as wide as 22 feet.

The time a bush hog job can take will depend on the size of the land, as well as the size of the brush clearing mower that will be used for the job. Brush clearing often occurs in areas such as roadways, medians, and ditches.

Our brush clearing services are advantageous for large commercial properties because we are able to cover more ground in less time.

Types of Properties That Can Benefit From Bush Hogging

We have various types and sizes of equipment we use for brush hogging jobs in the Mayfield community.

There are many commercial properties in Murray, Mayfield, Benton, and other surrounding areas where brush clearing can be beneficial and a smarter choice than regular lawn mowing and maintenance. Residential mowers are not designed to cut large or overgrown properties.

If you own or manage one of the following types of properties, bush hogging might be just what you need:

  • Property with Ditches or Inclines
  • Developmental Properties
  • Industrial Land Plots
  • Potentially Hazardous Areas
  • Large Fields
  • Farm Property
  • Commercial Properties

At Phillips Bros Lawn Care, we are proud to provide brush clearing services and field mowing for commercial properties in Calloway County, KY as well as the other surrounding areas like Mayfield and Benton.

Call us for brush hogging services for your commercial property in Murray and surrounding areas.

When it comes to brush hogging, we offer both a tractor and a skid steer with bush hogging equipment that is ready to be attached and used at the drop of a hat. Our commercial brush clearing services combine speed and power to get your commercial property into a well-maintained state.

For more information and quotes on our brush hogging services, call us today at (270) 492-8144. Our services span throughout the region of Murray, Mayfield, and Benton.

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